Counselors available throughout Wyoming and beyond during holidays

If you’re a CC student who will be away from Casper over the holidays, counseling help will still be available to you. Please check out this huge list of counselors that have agreed to provide assistance to students who are feeling effects from the November 30 tragedies or are having other difficulties. Be sure to notice that some specialize in providing assistance via telephone or text, so no matter where you will be, help is available to you.


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Kind messages received from alumni

We may never be able to assemble all of the kind words received from alumni, colleagues and other friends of Casper College, but here are the comments received by alumni director Linda Nix from  CC alumni:

Condolence Messages from Casper College Alumni

As alumni, Cheryl and I send our prayers and love for all of you there at the college. We pray for the peace of Christ for faculty, staff and students as you work through a difficult time.

Mike (65) and Cheryl (65) Aleman

Spokane, WA

Dan and I would like to extend our deepest sympathy to the staff, faculty and students for the loss of life and violence that hit Casper College’s campus this morning.  Our hearts are heavy and we hope the trauma that must be overwhelming right now can somehow turn itself around to a place of healing and support.


Patty (80) and Dan (80) Goble

Danbury, CT
I just saw the news about the killings at CC. I pray that everything is now under control and that those students and instructors are safe. You and all of the Casper College family remain in my thoughts and prayers.

Diana Ohman (70)

Indianapolis, IN

 I was extremely sorry to learn of the tragedy that you and everyone else at Casper College were forced to endure recently.  Having been a Natrona County Deputy Sheriff, I realize that the tragic events everyone at the college suffered will have lifelong effects but, perhaps help them achieve an inner strength in the difficult times ahead.

Time and distance precludes my being able to be personally involved in the healing process but it  is with deepest hope that all of you
will be able to overcome those terrible events.

Michael O. Davis (61)

Richland Center, WI


Condolences, sympathies and prayers for peace to all concerned, from my family and the Donells Candies family as well.

Mike Stepp (80)


My thoughts and prayers are will all of you, that includes the members of our Alumni Board.  This is so sad.  I’m glad everyone in the Gateway Building is OK.  I’m sad for our school, the City of Casper and the Great State of Wyoming.  Every time something like this happens I am reminded to immediately tell my kids that I love them.  You all mean the world to me as well.

Blessings to you.  God bless Casper College.

David Long (72)

Buena Vista, CO
My husband and I offer our sympathy to Casper College in wake of last Thursday’s tragedy. I hope there can be memorial trees planted or a plaque commemorating the instructors. I learned about it on a local television station. My husband learned about it from a NPR radio station. We both were shocked by the news. I have a friend who is employed at Casper College. He emailed me that he was in the Physical Science building, but a different area. I remember that another instructor passed away tragically while employed at the college. His name was Mr. Bailey, (Bailey Hall, which no longer exists, was named after him). Mr. Bailey started at the college fall of 1956, the same time as my mother. Mr. Bailey died in the Himalayas while mountain climbing during the summer break. I do not remember his first name, nor if any other instructors passed away while employed at the college. Perhaps a plaque or some other memorial could be erected for all those who passed away while serving at CC. Again, our prayers for healing and comfort go out to all at Casper College.

Margaret (Glover) Ruvalcaba  AA-French 1970

Columbia, MO

So sad to hear the news of the tragic events that took place there Friday. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all with the hope the students and families can heal.

Dave Pearson (75)

Brooklyn, NY

 I don’t know how to start to say what I want to say. This hits hard for me because this is my former alma mater. I looked at my diploma today from Casper College and saw both Dr. Tim Aley’s and Florence Porter’s signatures on there. My how times have changed since 1968 through 1971 when I was at Casper College. Hopefully, this tragedy would never have occurred during my sojourn at the college.

 My heart and prayers go out to the Krumm and Arnold families. What a tragedy before the holiday season. We are definitely living in the 21st Century. Two songs come to mind in this time of trial and tribulation at Casper College. One is by Reba McEntire. It is titled: “If I Had Only Known”. A few words from this song are: “If I had only known this would be my last night by your side, I would pray to stop the dawn. If I had only known I’d never hear your voice again, I’d memorize everything you ever said. I’d look into your eyes and then realize my love for you goes on and on. If I had only known I’d never hear your voice again.”  Another touching song is by Steve Wariner, “Holes in the Floor of Heaven.” I don’t know the words to it but when I hear it really touches the heart also.

Even though I didn’t know these individuals personally, the idea that I went to Casper College and was a part of this institution gives me pause for reflection when something like this happened.


God Bless All of You,


James D. Weinberg

Graduate Student

School of Public Administration

University of New Mexico

I just wanted to let you know that I was thinking of you as the staff and students of Casper College deal with the horrible and tragic events of Friday.

Drew Bryant (74)
Sun City, AZ


The whole Casper College Family has been in my thoughts and prayers.

Jan Cundy (80)

Casper, WY

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Audio from memorial assembly will be broadcast live on KTWO Radio

The entire memorial assembly at 4:30 p.m. will be broadcast on KTWO Radio, AM 1030. You can also listen live at

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Gifts in memory of Heidi and Jim

In response to questions, the Families of Jim and Heidi have asked that any gifts in their memory be made as follows.
For Heidi:
The Division of Victim Services
122 West 25th St.
Herschler Building, 1st Floor West
Cheyenne, WY  82002
Please note on the check that is is in memory of Heidi Arnold
For Jim:
Jim Krumm Memorial Scholarship
Casper College Foundation
125 College Drive
Casper, WY  82601
Please note on the check that it is in memory of Jim Krumm
Gifts in Jim’s memory may also be made online.
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Despite wind, candlelight vigil is ON

Students are, at this moment, constructing windproof enclosures for outdoor candle displays, and plan on having cups to attempt to shield candles from being blown out by today’s strong winds. In the event that candles cannot be lit, attendees will be encouraged to take home their candles and light them in Heidi and Jim’s honor.

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Counselor Schedule for today (Tuesday)

Straight from the email of the academic assistant for the School of Science:

Good Morning Everyone.

Our wonderful counseling staff will continue to be available today in CE 220, PS 132 and lobby, and on the 3rd floor of the Gateway for anyone who would like to talk, get help, or just get away for a few minutes.  I can personally say that having them around has been a great help to students and employees alike.  Please stop and see them, or send any students that may need their help.

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Casper College Offices Closing at 4 p.m. Tuesday

All offices at Casper College will close at 4 p.m. on Tuesday to allow faculty and staff to attend the memorial assembly for Heidi Arnold and Jim Krumm.

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Classes MAY be canceled during memorial assembly

Instructors who are able are being encouraged to release their students from classes between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. Tuesday afternoon so everyone can attend the memorial assembly for instructors Jim Krumm and Heidi Arnold. This may not be possible for some instructors that have critical material to cover during the last week of classes, so some classes may need to continue as scheduled. Students should email their instructors for specific information. We apologize that due to the short time frame we are unable to compile a complete list of instructor plans to post here. Please note that classes should still meet for any hours that occur before 4 p.m. or after 6 p.m..

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Memorial Assembly and Candlelight Vigil

Plans have been finalized for a two-part event Tuesday afternoon at Casper College to remember instructors Jim Krumm and Heidi Arnold. The memorial assembly will begin at 4:30 p.m. in Thunderbird Gymnasium, featuring remarks by Casper College President Walter Nolte, Dean of Science Grant Wilson, Student Senate President Nicolette Hanson, and faculty colleagues of Jim and Heidi. Immediately following the assembly, attendees will have the option of joining a candlelight vigil in the east parking lot of the gymnasium where students who knew Jim and Heidi will share their recollections. The Casper College Contemporary Singers and several faculty members will perform.

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Correction to media report

Reports by news media outlets around the world about Friday’s tragedy were almost without exception accurate. However, one news report indicated that a locked door to the classroom delayed medical attention to the wounded. That particular portion of the report was not accurate. Jim’s faculty colleagues report that they had already unlocked the door and were by Jim’s side when law enforcement and emergency personnel arrived.

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