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Address material should be returned to:
Date to be taken off Reserve:
Course & Number:
(i.e. ART 1010 –90)
Loan Period:

Copyright Note:
Photocopies placed on reserve may not remain in the Library for more than one semester unless written permissions from the copyright holder for permanent reserve of the material has been received by the instructor.
The Library will not place instructor or review copies of textbooks on reserve without written permission from the publisher. These materials are intended for professional review purposes and are a potential violation of licensing or copyright agreements.


This form must be completed for items requested for reserve to comply with current copyright law.

  1. E-mail, deliver or campus mail the item to the Circulation Specialist two days before students will request the item at the Circulation Desk.

  2. Fill out a reserve request form completely. Incomplete forms result in delay of the material being available to students.

  3. If a loan period or date an item is to be taken off reserve needs to be changed, please call 2269.

  4. No item may stay permanently on reserve. This helps meet copyright law restrictions, and ensures the reserve collection includes current course materials only. Any item that needs to be replaced for the summer or fall/spring may be returned with a new form and retained until the end of that spring semester.

  5. There is a form for 'Request for Special Loan of Reserve Item' that we will provide students who wish to negotiate different loan periods with you. Any exceptions you wish to make we will be happy to comply with, but we need either the form or e-mail.

  6. Loan Periods:
    • In Library Use Only - Item is checked out, but must remain within the library.
    • Overnight Use – Item is checked out, and must be used in the library during the day. 1 ½ hours before closing the item may be taken out of the building. Items should be returned 1 ½ hours after the next opening day.
    • 1 day – Item may be checked out at any time, and is due back the following day.
    • 2 days – Item may be checked out at any time, and is due back in two days.
    • 3 days – Item may be checked out at any time, and is due back in three days.
    • 7 days – Item may be checked out at any time, and is due back in seven days.